Eye Tests & Expert Eyecare

No matter how complex your prescription or eye condition is, our optometrists and dispensing opticians have the skills to tailor your eye care to your individual needs.

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Eye Tests

A full eye test with us will check:

  • Any symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Your distance and near vision
  • The muscles attached to the outside of your eye
  • Your focusing ability
  • Your eye health
  • Your central and peripheral vision
  • The pressure in your eyes if required
  • Any prescription that may or may not need correction

At the end of your eye test the optometrist will fully discuss the results and give you appropriate advice. This may include the options for vision correction and information on maintaining the health of your eyes.

If you have specific information or communication support needs, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to meet these needs and make reasonable adjustments where we can.